Monday 27 August 2012

Comprehensive 1.0.4 Throw Barbarian

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Beginner Gear [priority of stats to look for]
  • Axe/Mace main weapon [dps,socket,crit dmg,life steal/loh,stats]
  • 300th spear offhand [dps,socket,wpn throw %,crit dmg]
  • -4/-5 wpn throw belt [life steal,str,AR,%life or vit]

Beginner stat targets
  • Crit chance: > 40% /w battle rage
  • All resist: no more than 350 unbuffed
  • HP: 30K
  • Movement: >20% (12% spear + 8-12% boots)
  • Dex: no more than 500 for 20% dodge
  • Crit dmg/Str/IAS: as much as possible for max dmg

Build discussion
  • A3 #1: this is a safer build if you don't have 350 all resist and what I'm currently using as I like having the higher resists. Spear is needed to generate initial fury to have a cushion for throwing. After that it is used as needed for healing/fury, crits give you a big heal (I've gotten a 19K heal before) as well as resetting the cooldown. Sprint is used to generate fury the same as in the WW build.
  • A3 Alternate: if you have 350 resist all, this build makes fury management easier. Charge allows you to recast battle rage and sprint into enemies at the same time. Ignore pain gives you solid face tank time as well as being your emergency heal ability.
  • End game builds: these focus on weapon throw reduction of over 5 with the combination of belt, stone of jordan, skull grasp, or mara's kaleidoscope. Essentially the fury cost of weapon throw is eliminated or negligible due to the returns from no escape. As a result there is some additional flexibility for rune choices. If you like to sprint more, then into the fray or charge may still be needed. Marauder or bloodshed offer additional damage.