Sunday 26 August 2012

Levelling by AFK, Infinite mob spawner for paragon levelling

So this isn't an exploit, though it potentially could be, there was a reddit post about the guy with the highest paragon level (47 atm) using +xp gear, +thorn gear, +life regen gear

Apparently he's been afking in a spot where mobs spawn infinitely, and give XP, i've been looking around myself trying to find an area (would be simple to put a script to left click every few seconds to avoid being logged out), but haven't had any luck.

I've checked act 2 in the Zoltun archives, with the guardian spawners that spawn spiders, they seem to always spawn but don't give XP (haven't tried with XP gear though).. I've tried the demonic summoners in Arreat Crater, those stop spawning after a while, and i've tried the big demons that come up on the side and spawn 3 demons at a time, but again they stop spawning after a while

Anyone got any suggestions for places? I'll try them if they are posted, would be nice to log out and go to sleep and wake up a few paragon levels later