Wednesday 7 November 2012

Reach level 60 in 5 hours or less (solo)

This trick works best with range class

  • 2 pcs hell ring
  • Leorics signet
  • Cain's set 3 pcs
  • Radiant ruby (31% xp)
  • mp0-mp10 (whichever you can survive more)

Ask a friend to escort you to act 3 kill azmodan quest right away. Be sure to equip yourself and your follower (range) some hellring. Teleport to arreat crater 1 or 2 and find those clusters of scorpions.

They give alot xp (you can kill all if you want but scorpions are the best mobs out there). Once you cleared arreat crater 1 & 2 just leave game, resume and repeat hunting those scorpions.

Don't worry about the damage fireball that 1 shots everything in normal and nightmare on almost all MP
(didn't tried mp10, but it still one shots everything in mp eight).

Once you reach 30, ask a friend to escort you again to act 3 nightmare, do the same once you reach 50 (hell). After reaching lvl 50., look for a high dps weapon with 10 reduced lvl requirement cause in hell mode fireball no longer one shots everything. My new Wich Doctor reach level in 60 in 4hrs 30 minutes using this method.