Monday 11 March 2013

Legendary items need to be more "In your face" Unique

Even the uniques ones aren't that great. The special effects are fun and all, but most of them aren't that good because they don't scale. They need to be fun enough you can build a character around them.


Ivory Tower - take this useless piece of crap and give it 50,000 Thorns damage. Then alter thorns like has been discussed previously and wow. Niche thorns build shield.

Cindercoat - it can roll higher fire resist, but it isn't enough to force people to jump on it. Make Cindercoat always roll 400-500 Fire Resistance while taking 15-40% more cold damage. OWE monks? It's a heyday! Other classes? Hey that's still a shitload of Fire Resistance.

Flying Dragon - instead of the current proc. Make it a 2% Chance to proc a duplicate Flying Dragon that you duel wield for 15 seconds. While the proc is in effect, TR damage increases by 100%. Talk about some badass animations there.

Tal Rasha's set bonus - 2) 3% to all elemental damage 3) 1 Arcane Power Regen/Second 4) This is where it gets fun. Converts all damage you do to the element of your weapon and doubles the proc chance of all Wizard Elemental passives when you deal damage of that element. (In other words, you can specialize in any element you want!)

Shenlong Set - 2) 130 Dexterity. Each successive attack on an opponent increases the damage done by 5% of your weapon damage. This effect can stack 100 times.

Frostburn Gauntlets - Just remake these completely, please. Give them 20-40% Cold Damage, 60-80 Cold Resist, 170-200 Main Stat, 2% Life Leech, and a proc chance to slow an enemy by 40% when you hit them.

Sky Splitter - Proc Chance to do a 'mega' attack. About 1% chance. You raise your axe into the air, a beam of light hits it, and you slam it down, dealing 1000% weapon damage as Holy in a 15 yard cone in front of you.

These are just a few you could do. It'd just be crazy awesome to have entire builds you could make based around a single legendary item.