Thursday 7 March 2013

Demon Hunter: Diverse Builds that work on high MP

90% of the Demonhunters use the same Build right now, and i would dare to say, that this is not the most effective way to run a DH.

The Build looks like this: -Shadow Power//Gloom -Vault//Tumble -Preparation//Backup Plan -Hungering Arrow//Spray of Teeth -Elemental Arrow//Ball Lightning -Companion//Bat

Passives: Tactical Advantage, Archery, Vengeance, Steady Aim, Nightstalker, Perfectionist (pick 3 of those...)

Why do they play this Build? It's designed to farm on low MP (Spam Ball Lightning, catch up to Ball with Tumble and keep all the Balls floating besides you). This not only limits efficient farming to long and open spaces, but also to low MP, because you have to kill the enemies in 1-2 hits. And i believe, that many players just go with it and dont know why....

I want to introduce to you a Strafe Build that i'm currently enjoying that works on MP8 just aswell as on MP1.

The Skills: -Entangling Shot//Shock Collar -Vault//Trail of Cinders -Shadow Power//Gloom -Companion//Bat -Strafe//Demolition -Preparation//Backup Plan

Passives: Vengeance, Nightstalker, Perfectionist.

Stats you need: DPS: 1000x HP: 200x AllRes: 2x Armor: 20x (For example: 200'000 DPS, 40'000 HP, 400 AllRes, 4000 Armor) Crit Chance: 45%+ Life on hit: 500+

How it works (or better to say; why it works).

Strafe//Demolition has a proc coefficient of 50% and Entangling Shot//Shock Collar has 160% (!!!!) This means, they both actually give you a visible amount of Discipline with Nightstalker and HP from the LoH.

-Entangling Shot//Shock Collar is one of the key skills of the build as it regulates your Hatred regeneration, your Disc regeneration and your HP regeneration and provides utility via slow, which is necessary not only for survivability, but also to ensure the maximum damage of Trail of Cinders and the Strafe granades.

There is a huge amount of synergy between the skills and the passives (and your euqip if your doing it right). Low on Disc?: Prep>Strafe>Entangling. Low on Hatred? Entangling>Trail of Cinders. Low on HP? Shadow Power+Entangling/Strafe.

Maybe i should say a quick word to why i run Perfectionist and not Archery. The answer is simple: Shadow Power is an immense defensive multiplier and if i have to decide between 15k more dmg and 50k more EHP, its not hard to choose.... besides that, Strafe is a slow farming Build if you dont gather as many enemies as possible and tank their attacks.

I need to say though, that this is a solo spec and you should bring your templar for hatred regen.

For Teamplay, i would suggest a Engineer/Numbing spec with guardian Turrets and spike traps (i could explain the build if anyone's interested).

Below is a  char  (as you can see, he doesn't have to best equip, but i can play the Strafe Build on MP8 without dying if i dont make mistakes. i have to say though, that it's slow and probably not efficient... but it's possible, and with better gear it would work very well i guess).