Tuesday 5 November 2013

Witch Doctor: The Future of the 0CD Zombie Dog WD Build

I create this topic not to explain the current state of the 0CD build but to discuss its potential future!

As you might already know, through a combination of items and passives we can reduce the cool down of summon zombie dogs to ZERO! Here are some highlights.

Positives: -Each dog (Total of 4) Can deal 275% weapon damage for a total of 1100% a cast.

-Chance to leave health globes upon sacrifice (Amazing for healing and Gruesome feast)

-Relatively no mana expenditure.

-Each sacrificed dog grants 6202 life (Roughly 25k a cast) + what ever globes spawn + life leech

Negatives: -Small blast radius

-Mojo is extremely low level and makes a drastic cut to your sheet DPS (Although does grant you a way to attack with 1100% weapon damage.

-Very Specific gear is required to create this build and is relatively rare and expensive.

I would like to explore the potential of a few "Rumored" (Data Mined) Expansion updates and their effects upon this build.

1.) All Legendary weapons being capable of rolling at max Item lvl. (Insane DPS boost to mojo)

2.) Increase from 6202 to 16515hp recovered per sacrificed dog.

3.) Introduction of new Legendary Item Abilities being tested. - Health Globes picked up release an explosion for 100% weapon damage to enemies within 40 yards.
Enemies you kill have a 100% chance to drop a health globe.

If these abilities make it into the game what you essentially have is a Witch doctor casting a free (Mana) 1100% damage spell, that can self and group heal without dealing damage (Globes and 65k life from sacrifice), that can maintain a 100% uptime of 50% Increased damage buff (Gruesome feast) That simultaneously is proccing an ridiculous amount of 40yard 100% weapon dmg explosions.

Lets not even get into build synergies with other classes that have health globe benefits.... OR should we??

Latest data mine update shows the skill Summon Zombie dogs can summon 5 dogs. and is affected by zombie handler (+1 dog) and Midnight feast (+1 dog) Total SEVEN DOGS, = (275%X7 = 1925% Damage skill. (16515HP X7 115,605 life per sacrafice) and EVEN MORE GLOBES + healing and fueling you and your party's passives.

Please share additional information and post your thoughts in this.