Friday 16 October 2015

Blizzard, you need to ban or shadow-ban botters that make it to the leaderboards

If you don't ban everyone for botting since there is no monetary gain for botters any more.. you should at least ban or remove cheaters from the leaderboards.

I really hope you do this before the season closes because even though many people say that competitive leaderboards are a joke.. I think that the only reason people feel this way is because there are only two types of competition in Diablo 3.. insanely dedicated players that do deserve recognition and. .. and the people that are insanely dedicated to botting.

I would honestly love to see a shadowban at the end of the season of all the cheaters. Just as a nice FU to all those people that dedicated so much time running bots just to find a wasted effort right at the end of the season.