Thursday 15 October 2015

Healing in Diablo is a lot like healing in WoW.

  • People not designated to pull running ahead and going out of range. "WTF healer?!?! 1.7m LPS is too low for 60 speeds!!!"
  • One person staying behind the group to kill those last two mobs. "WTF healer?!!? Why aren't you staying with the group?!?!?"
  • People standing in a molten+grotesque pack exploding. "WTF healer?!?! Are you even using your mantra?!?!"
  • People habitually knocking back your tightly cyclone'd density. "WTF healer?!?! Are you even using cyclone?!?!"

Just like WoW, no matter how well you play and how well geared you are, it's always the healer's fault when some other idiot fucks up.