Thursday 17 December 2015

Diablo Cursor R.I.P 31.12.1996 - 30.12.2015

We will remember .

*Date of season 4 end, not the patch 2.4 that will include new cursor

Sorry that my topic is not fully true . I bought d3 1 year after release .Us diablo redditors said me that D3 has another cursor at servers start . Anyway its good place to start discussion about new cursor . Did you will still use yolomouse ? Is it only one way to see cursor ?

Semi-interesting Blizzard cursor fact: The original order of Alliance paladins; the Order of the Silver Hand, got their name from the metal gauntlet cursor that was the Alliance cursor in Warcraft 2. Uther doesn't think that the "Order of the Space Triangle" is as catchy in Heroes of the Storm.

RIP Order of the Silver Hand.