Tuesday 29 March 2016

Some Superb Diablo III Item Sets

Diablo III game-play is all about item sets. Item sets are great because their individual pieces are interesting enough as they are, but the more of them a player adds, the more powerful the combination will be, thus, far beyond just pretty visuals and great stats, item sets are great drivers of action too, as they spur players on to continue searching for the next item in the set and to eventually complete it. Few things are more rewarding and satisfying in the game than the completion of one of the sets we're about to discuss below.

The first one is the Jade Harvester, which turns a Witch Doctor into a lean-mean damage-dishing machine, who is as great at harvesting mobs as he is with pets. The MO here is to load up the enemy with a bunch of damage-over-time spells, then to gather them up and use Soul Harvest on them. The Soul Harvest will deal 150 seconds worth of damage-over time instantly, and thus the Witch Doctor becomes a one-hit killer. Another spell which works well for damage with this set is Haunt which can be stacked for instant damage.

The Monkey King's Garb is an interesting set for Monks: it too is focused on dealing massive amounts of damage while increasing survivability. Sweeping Wind is what goes best with this set, as it will hand out the most damage while also protecting the player, by absorbing damage while active. The Monkey King's Garb should be combined with other legendaries for the best effect. These legendaries should be ones that boost Tempest Rush or Wave of Light, which will end up consuming a stack of Sweeping Wind to increase damage output by a surreal 1,500%.

The Might of the Earth set is a great addition to a Barbarian character, because it allows it to jump around, causing earthquakes upon landing. Other than being fun and looking great, the effects of the set include an 800% damage increase on earthquakes, upon other goodies. Avalanche, Ground Stomp, Leap, Seismic Slam and Ancient Spear are subject to the same 800% increase.

The Shadow's Mantle set carries an entirely different and altogether much greater significance than all the above-covered ones: it allows the very concept of the melee Demon Hunter to exist, thus, essentially allowing a class to do something it was never really supposed to. While this set is equipped by a Demon Hunter, every melee weapon wielded will have its damage increased by 600%. In addition to that, Impale will deal 40,000% of weapon damage to the first enemy hit.

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