Thursday 18 August 2016

I don't want Diablo 4, I want a Diablo 3 expansion. The game is really fun now, please capitalize on that!

I'm sure Diablo 4 will be fantastic, but I'm really digging Diablo 3.

I'm guessing my positive view of the game is because I play it a lot more casually than others. I started a few months after RoS came out, and I'm still under paragon 600. I will play for a month or two, maybe eight hours a week. I'd finish a build, play around with it doing grifts, maybe do a new seasonal character, etc. Then I'll just stop playing for a few months and move on.

Then when I come back the game seems pretty fresh and fun, I will play the latest season, try out a different class or build, etc. Right now I am in the midst of my return to D3 and just finished getting the newer items for my main characters. Now I'm playing a seasonal Witch Doctor and trying out the Jade Harvester build.

So I guess if I kept playing longer than I usually do, I'd probably start to dislike it and see how everything really is. People keep asking me if I am some anti-meta person because I like to use various skills and items that I find enjoyable. I'd probably suck if I actually tried pushing into the higher GR's that everyone else is on, and realize that all my characters builds are bad.

Anyways, just thought I'd give some insight on my point of view