Wednesday 17 August 2016

Need a Fantasy Fix? Try These Slot Machines!

Players had to wait over a decade for Diablo III, which was followed by an expansion two years later. But now work on the third installment of the game has stopped, and Blizzard has barely even started to look for a game director for the fourth episode of the epic saga. Which means that it could once again be years until the new game is released. If we are lucky, we might see it before the end of the decade. This is a very long wait, even in the Diablo universe. So, let's see what other games - more casual in nature - can help us through the years to come.

Dragon's Myth

Here be dragons! This game, available for free play at the All Slots Casino, has everything a fantasy fan might need for a quick fix: a fantastic scenery, a fearless heroine, and dragons - lots of dragons! The game was built by Rabcat, a game designer known for its contributions to titles like Silent Hill: Origin, Cursed Mountain. Which means that its visuals are as amazing as they can be. Try slot machines here. The game takes players on a quest to capture four dragons among the mystic mountains, and fight the Legendary Dragon itself. To this end, they need to land a Dragon symbol in the bottom right corner of the screen. When all four of them are caught, players proceed to the mountaintop to fight the beast - and win massive bonuses. A simple quest where you have to be lucky to proceed - but the game's visuals will make up for its shortcomings. Dragon's Myth is one of the funnier games at the All Slots Casino. It is a Flash game, built to run on virtually any desktop computer despite its high-quality visuals.

Hot as Hades

This game takes players into a different world, inspired by the myths of the Greeks. The protagonist of the game is Hades, the fearsome ruler of the underworld - who is a surprisingly entertaining guy. Hades sends All Slots Casino players on a quest to recover the Crystal Helm. Players need to pass through the seas, outwitting Poseidon in the process, defeat Medusa, and reach Zeus' chamber where they can play for the Helm itself. All this in the funniest way possible. The All Slots Casino is a trusted gaming destination with a respectable age. Founded over 10 years ago, it offers its players not only the most secure environment to play in, but also an amazing variety of games, both on desktop and mobile devices. Its games can be tried for free, or played for real on any platform.