Sunday 26 November 2023

Diablo 4's Steam Reviews: A Case of Possible Manipulation



"Diablo 4," the latest installment in the popular action RPG series by Blizzard, has faced its share of controversies since launch. Recently, a new issue has emerged: the potential manipulation of its Steam review scores, as discovered by a Reddit user.

Discovery of Suspicious Reviews

A Reddit user, Nodlimax, uncovered a series of Steam reviews for "Diablo 4" that raised suspicions. These reviews, all positive, contained the tag "-blizzard" and showed impossibly high playtime over the past two weeks. This anomaly suggested the involvement of bot accounts.

Characteristics of the Bot Accounts

  • The reviews were left by accounts with excessive playtime.
  • They were Steam Key reviews, indicating the game was either gifted or redeemed through a CD key.
  • The accounts primarily focused on free-to-play titles, such as "Overwatch 2."

Motive Behind the Manipulation

The motive behind these bot accounts seems to be establishing a legitimate image for future score manipulation. This strategy could be linked to the ongoing Steam Awards, where accounts can earn badges for nominating games and writing reviews.

Background of Diablo 4's Reception

"Diablo 4" has been subject to review bombing since its launch, with players expressing frustration over various aspects of the game. Despite improvements made in the "Season of Blood," the game's reputation suffered, leading to another wave of negative reviews on Steam.

Current Review Status

As of now, "Diablo 4" holds mixed reviews on Steam, with 65% being positive. This rating reflects the community's divided opinion, especially considering the game's attempts to address issues like the leveling grind and lack of endgame variety.

Future of Diablo 4

Blizzard is on a path to potentially turn "Diablo 4" around, similar to how "Diablo 3's" "Reaper of Souls" expansion revitalized that game. With the introduction of Greater Rifts in the "Abattoir of Zir pinnacle dungeon" and the anticipation of Season 3, there's hope for improvement.


The discovery of potential review manipulation on Steam for "Diablo 4" adds another layer to the game's complex reception. While Blizzard continues to work on enhancing the game experience, the community remains vigilant about the integrity of user reviews and the overall perception of the game.