Thursday 9 May 2024

Diablo 4 Season 4 Guide: Mastering the New Tempering System


Diablo 4's fourth season, dubbed the Season of Loot Reborn, is set to revolutionize the player experience with significant updates and reworks aimed at enhancing itemization, leveling, and endgame content. One of the most anticipated features of this season is the introduction of the Tempering system, designed to give players unprecedented control over their gear and playstyles.

Understanding Tempering in Diablo 4

Tempering is a groundbreaking gear upgrade mechanism introduced in Season 4 of Diablo 4. This system allows players to add custom affixes to their gear, thereby fine-tuning their setups to better match their individual playstyles and strategic preferences. Here’s what makes Tempering a game-changer:

  • Enhanced Customization: Unlike previous systems where you could only reroll an affix, Tempering lets you add entirely new affixes to your gear. Ancestral gear can accommodate up to two Tempered affixes.
  • Accessibility: Any blacksmith in the game can perform Tempering, making it easy for players to access and utilize this feature as they progress through the game.

Tempering Manuals: Your Gateway to Gear Customization

To engage with the Tempering system, players will need Tempering Manuals, which are versatile and crucial items scattered throughout various game content such as bosses, Nightmare Dungeons, and Helltides. Here’s how these manuals work:

  • Learning and Usage: Once a manual is found, it’s permanently learned and added to the Temper tab in your Codex of Power. You can use the affixes from these manuals endlessly without needing to find the manual again.
  • Tiered Power Levels: Manuals come in three power tiers—Magic, Rare, and Legendary—with Legendary offering the most potent version of affixes.
  • Categories: Manuals are categorized based on the type of gear they can be applied to, such as Weapons, Defensive, Utility, and more, allowing for targeted improvements to specific item types.

How to Temper Your Gear

Tempering your gear is a straightforward process:

  1. Visit a Blacksmith: Navigate to the blacksmith’s shop and select the Tempering option.
  2. Choose Your Gear and Manual: Pick the gear item you wish to Temper and select an appropriate Tempering Manual from your collection.
  3. Cost and Materials: Review the gold and materials required for Tempering and proceed if you agree to the costs.
  4. Application and Rerolls: Once Tempered, an affix from the selected manual is randomly applied to your gear. You can reroll this affix at the expense of Temper durability, which has a limit of five rerolls.

Looking Ahead: The Vessel of Hatred Expansion

As players dive into the new features and optimizations brought by the Season of Loot Reborn, the stage is set for the upcoming Vessel of Hatred expansion. These enhancements not only promise a more rewarding and engaging gameplay experience but also prepare the community for the exciting developments that lie ahead in the Diablo universe.


With Diablo 4's Season of Loot Reborn, Blizzard continues to redefine the RPG experience, offering players deeper customization and more dynamic gameplay. Whether you're strategizing to optimize your character or exploring new content, the Tempering system is sure to add a rewarding layer of depth to your Diablo 4 adventure.